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The 2015 Honda Fit is Practical and Fun

There's a faulty belief out there that practical can't be fun, but the new 2015 Honda Fit accomplishes both without breaking a sweat. How? Well, the Fit combines drivability with versatility to make it a best bet among hatchbacks.

With its four-cylinder Earth Dreams engine, the 2015 Fit delivers an energetic drive that's comfortable and composed when taking corners or tearing down the freeway. The Fit displays even better performance and improved…

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Honda Fit Kit Generates a Buzz among Crafters

Are you a more 'do-it-yourself' kind of person? If so, you'll love the idea Honda has up its sleeve.

Imagine constructing your own new Honda vehicle all on your own.  We at Brown's Honda City couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Vanessa and Caleb purchase their very own DIY Fit Kit. Who's ready to get crafty?

Did we manage to fool you?

Happy April Fools' Day! Unfortunately you won't…

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After this winter, show your Honda some Love!

One thing we could really use at Brown's Honda City is locker space. We know we're preaching to the choir, but this month has been crazy. When we leave the house we feel like we need to dress for snow, rain, sleet, and sunshine; there just aren't enough hangers for all our clothes!

With the range of temps and varying precipitation, we bet your Honda has been taking a beating, which is why we've brought you this car care video on giving your car a proper wash. Once the weather settles you'll want to get…

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