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The 2016 Honda Accord Sets Itself Apart from the Rest

Navigating through the sedan segment is like walking through a corn maze blindfolded: The extensive entries all carry a similar basic shape. Not much other than interior features, engine selections and price tags separate one model from the next. This in turn places a great deal of stress on interested sedan buyers. They are left having to sort through all the choices and arrive on the best mobile extension of their personality--which is easily said than done.

With the 2016 Honda Accord, however, buyers are in luck.

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The Honda Pilot Perfects its All-Wheel Drive Abilites

All-wheel drive has drastically evolved over the years and not only from an engineering standpoint. Once viewed strictly as an off-roading essential, drivers now see it as practical to everyday use. Whether rugged terrain or harsh weather conditions, all-wheel drive welcomes unprecedented handling and the strength to endure Mother Nature at her worst.

Many brands have gotten its toes wet in AWD technology. However, none cut it close to what the latest generation Honda Pilot and its innovative Intelligent Traction Management are capable of.

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