Get Winter Ready With Service From Brown's City Honda


We're all putting on our fall jackets, and soon, we're all going to have go pull out the parkas because winter will be here before you know it. Being prepared is a big step toward getting ready for winter, and at Brown's Honda City we can provide those in the Glen Burnie, Laurel, Ellicott City, Annapolis and Baltimore areas with the services they need to be ready for the colder months.

Our service center will cover all your bases as we provide you with a winter readiness checklist, which will provide you with guidance on what services you need, and how to better be prepared when the snow starts falling and the temperatures dip below freezing.

To start, we'd say get a full fluid check to ensure everything from coolant, antifreeze, wiper fluid and more are level and topped off so you're not going to experience freezing because they aren't full in the cold. Also if you need an oil change now is a good time to get it because you want a clean-running engine that can perform in colder weather, as we have the likes of synthetic oil which can help with that, too.

Another important check for winter is your battery power. We can perform a battery check to see if your current battery has ample power, and if you need a battery change, we can provide you with battery options and install it for you, as well. A strong battery means less of a chance that it will need to be jump started and you have to wait around for help, which is something nobody really wants.

We're also going to take a closer look at your heating systems so you're getting ample warmth in the cabin for you and your passengers, and that it's able to heat your entire vehicle sufficiently and efficiently. Additionally, for those who want to make sure they have a firm grip on the road, we have winter tire installation here which helps you with traction and tread in snowy conditions.

Whatever it might be, we can get you prepared for winter when you schedule service with us as regular service leads to a ride that you're going to enjoy for a long time. Contact us to learn more and we'd be happy to help you out today!

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