Expressing Yourself: Honda's Car Horn Emoji Research

Have you ever been behind the wheel and another driver does something - could be either good or bad - that makes you wish you had a way of expressing your reaction beyond just the beep of a generic car horn? Well, our favorite Japanese automaker may be working on a solution to benefit everyone!

Honda just recently announced a major update to the way conventional car horns will work by introducing Honda Horn Emojis! This means that you'll find different emojis integrated into your steering wheel so you can express an emotion to other drivers easily be selecting the emoji that best fits your feelings. See someone you know? There's a Happy Honda Honk that lets you say hello! See a dog in the road? There's even a Honda Dog Honk that emits a noise that's silent to humans but can warn canines of approaching vehicles. Of course, there are more than just these two.

The best part? This technology is real and will come standard on the upcoming 2018 Honda Odyssey! We'll be sure to keep you updated on this technology but, if there's a current new Honda model on your mind, come out to our Glen Burnie, MD dealership and see it in person today.

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