A Quick Look at HondaLink for the Upcoming Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The upcoming Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and it will have a ton of features to offer you and your passengers, sure to make every drive all the more enjoyable no matter where your destination may be. However, if you ask us, one of the coolest features it offers is HondaLink™ to truly enrich the driving experience.

HondaLink is a smartphone app that boasts many different features to make your life easier behind the wheel. It can show you where fueling stations are located for the Clarity Fuel Cell, show your remaining driving range, give you vehicle notifications and alerts, and remotely active the climate control so it will be the right temperature when you get inside. But that's just a sampling.

If you'd like to learn more about the HondaLink app, or you're interested in something from our selection of new Honda models, make your way out to our Glen Burnie, MD dealership today. No matter which one appeals to your needs, you'll be making an excellent driving decision.

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