Awesome Honda HUD Tech to Give "X-Ray Vision"

Our favorite Japanese automaker is always on the cutting edge of technology and, recently, we found out about two technology patents they have filed for; we knew right away we had to share the news! Both are for vehicle safety and we think you're going to like what's on the way in the future.

Both patents make use of augmented reality heads-up displays (HUDs) to show you things you wouldn't otherwise be able to see just by looking out the windows of your vehicle. The first one is for pedestrian safety and the technology would allow you to see the location of multiple pedestrians around your vehicle, even those obscured by objects, so you could be ready just in case one stepped out in front of your vehicle. The second patent is for vehicle-to-vehicle communication and would allow you to observe the speed and habits of multiple vehicles in front of you. This means that, if a vehicle two cars ahead of you stops suddenly, you would have advanced warning and would be able to stop in time as well, avoiding an accident.

Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about these technologies and all other new Honda features coming in the future. We hope to see you out at our Glen Burnie, MD dealership soon!

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