The Honda Civic Type R Prototype Revealed at Paris Motor Show

We've been watching all the news coming out from the 2016 Paris Motor Show and, of all the reveals and debuts from all the automakers from all across the world, or unbiased opinion is that the reveal of the Honda Civic Type R Prototype is absolutely one of the most exciting! United States drivers have never had the pleasure of seeing the Civic Type R models come to our shores but now that's all about to change.

Stunning under the bright lights with a black satin paint job with red accents, the Civic Type R Prototype is every bit as incredible as you would have imagined. It sets itself apart from the pack with large fenders and air intakes, a large rear wing in the back, a diffuser underneath, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that's expected to trump everything else in the Civic lineup (though no horsepower or torque numbers have been reported yet), and much more.

We expect to see this car coming stateside sometime next year so, if you're aching to climb into the driver's seat of one for yourself, be sure to keep your eye on our blog and we'll let you know when more details arise. In the meantime, be sure to check out everything that our current new Honda model selection has to offer and prepare to fall in love with the affordable and stylish vehicle of your dreams.

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