Honda Shows off the Clarity Concept in Tokyo

There's a lot of news about hydrogen fuel cells recently and our favorite Japanese automaker has something to show off to join the fun. Over at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Concept is on full display and it looks simply gorgeous.

Combining the clean emission-free greenery of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with the convenience of a traditional gasoline-powered car, its tank can be filled in just three minutes but emits nothing but water vapor from the tail pipe. It's no slacker in the power department, putting out over 100 kilowatts, equaling roughly 134 horsepower. Add to this a lithium ion battery pack and you've got a true green machine.

All this makes for some serious efficiency as well, allotting drivers over 430 miles of driving range. This may seem futuristic but it's actually a production model, ready to go on sale in Japan next March mainly aimed at government and business customers, though it will eventually make it to regular drivers like the rest of us. The price is pretty high right now, equaling somewhere in the ballpark of $64,000 USD. We'll just have to keep waiting to see how that changes when it comes to America.

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