Honda Sensing™ Technologies with the 2016 Civic Sedan

The upcoming 2016 Honda Civic is one truly incredible sedan, offering a new-yet-classic sporty look that will certainly gain it attention among the Civic faithfuls. But it's more than just a revamped appearance; it also offers category-leading safety and driver-assistive technologies.

The new Honda Sensing™ safety suite will be available or standard on all 2016 Civic models, so that means you'll be well out of harm's way no matter what. But what does this suite offer? With tech like the Collision Mitigation Braking System and Forward Collision Warning to keep eyes out front, you'll stop automatically in the event of a car stopping suddenly in front of you. There's also Lane Keeping Assist so you'll stay driving straight and true all down the road, and Road Departure Mitigation lets you know when you start to swerve off the road. Check out the Official Honda Sensing Video to learn more.

While we wait for the 2016 Civic's arrival, we'd love to see you come in to Brown's Honda City and peruse everything the current new Honda model selection has to offer.

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