The 2016 Honda Accord Sets Itself Apart from the Rest

Navigating through the sedan segment is like walking through a corn maze blindfolded: The extensive entries all carry a similar basic shape. Not much other than interior features, engine selections and price tags separate one model from the next. This in turn places a great deal of stress on interested sedan buyers. They are left having to sort through all the choices and arrive on the best mobile extension of their personality--which is easily said than done.

With the 2016 Honda Accord, however, buyers are in luck because not only does the latest generation have plenty new features to nibble on but exterior styling guaranteed to draw an envious eye.

Its grille design, headlights, front and rear fascia and wheels have all been updated to create a sharper look that's guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. And with the use of aluminum material, not only do we see a stylistic change but boost in efficiency.

Plucking this sedan from the pack is easy and making it yours is even easier with our help at Brown's City Honda. Just join us in Glen Burnie for a test drive today.

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