Dust Bunnies no Longer Love the Honda Odyssey

Think about it. Until now, a minivan like the new 2014 Honda Odyssey was the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of dirt and debris, remnants of your kids' snacks and dirty shoes. We here at our Glen Burnie, MD dealership love this commercial that shows how the new available built-in vacuum feature eliminates that dirt. Check it out.

Keeping a minivan clean has always been a challenge, but that job is made a whole lot easier with this available feature. You don’t have to hook your home's vacuum cleaner up to an extension cord or drop dollars worth of quarters at the gas station to get a couple minutes of vacuuming any more. There's even more features that help make the new Odyssey such an incredible vehicle.

We'd love to have you over to Brown's Honda City, so swing by and check out the new Odyssey and this incredible feature.

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