The Honda Civic Type R - Hear it Roar

When we here at Brown's Honda City think about the lineup of amazing new Honda vehicles, we think about how stylish they are, we think about how affordable they are while still offering tons of features and incredible gas mileage. However, when it comes to the as-of-yet European-exclusive Civic Type R, we think aggressive and powerful with tons of performance. And, if the new commercial from the automaker about the newest iteration of the Type R is any indication, the next generation certainly won't be a letdown. Take a look for yourself:

While Honda has made no announcement about bringing the Civic Type R to the United States just yet, we're certainly crossing our fingers because a little performance could do nothing but help round out the already stellar lineup of Honda models. If you're interested in seeing what we already have, come on down to our Burnie, MD location and get a first-hand experience with automotive excellence.

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