Honda Honored for its Focus on Fuel Economy

When it comes to cars, a growing priority is fuel economy and not only for drivers, but for the automakers themselves. Honda, for example, carefully considers effects on efficiency while designing all aspects of its vehicles, from its engine to a simple curve in the exterior. The shift in focus means a future of more new Honda models with top-notch fuel economy ratings.

This is great news for our Baltimore and Annapolis area drivers, because it means less stops at the pump, less money on gas, and the added perk of reducing your carbon footprint. Fortunately, there's no need to wait to enjoy such advantages with an efficient new Honda.

TrueCar, an auto pricing information and analysis company, recently released a report detailing the fuel economy numbers from light vehicle sales. The results indicated that new average MPG records are being made and there's a .7 mile per gallon increase in year-over-year.

The firm also lent a helping hand to drivers looking for ways to cut back at the pump and listed auto brands boasting the best relative fuel economy. Honda was listed as one of its top three, with some of the best EPA-estimated ratings.

The honor is well-deserved as Honda has spent a significant amount of time developing and launching its revolutionary Earth Dreams Technology. The lineup of powertrains and other enhancements allows vehicles to deliver maximum power output, without compromising leading fuel economy figures. A model equipped with Earth Dreams, like the Honda Accord can still provide a thrill, without upping the gas bill.

Visit us at Brown's Honda City in Glen Burnie, MD to learn more about the auto brand's most efficient engine options and to test drive one of our high-mileage club models.

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